Byakko-hen Release on August 28th
Hi guys!

How have you been? I know this isn't really news but I've really been looking forward to reading this long awaited series. And I missed you guys so much!! Hopefully, someone could pick up this series (like Transcendence did with the one-shot.) Otherwise, I am willing to scanlate it and hoping to work again with my former scanlating team :D Shout-out toclymistra,shunanchan,nuriko_special,appaku, and everyone from the Facebook Fan Page and Tieba Baidu~

Here's an article if you haven't read about it yet:
Yuu Watase Launches Fushigi Yūgi Byakko-hen Manga on August 28

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I'm selling almost all my collection of items dedicated to Yû Watase's works. A few years ago, I maintened some websites like Sous les Étoiles (, Densetsu no Hajimari, etc. Find it all here ^__________^

Yuu Watase Fans (with Twitter Accounts) Unite!
I don't know how many Genbu fans still check this site but I thought I would go ahead and post this. I apologize as this doesn't directly pertain to Genbu Kaiden or the continuation of the Byakko Arc but I think that it is important, nonetheless.
Watase-sensei announced on her twitter account that her mother passed away yesterday (January 26th, 2016). According to her twitter feed, her mother had been battling serious health issues over the last few weeks and had been admitted into the hospital.  As you can probably imagine, Watase-sensei has been taking it quite hard. Many of her Japanese fans have begun sending her condolence messages via twitter.  I was thinking it might be nice if some of her English-speaking fans sent her some condolence messages too. So if you have time (and a Twitter account), go ahead and send her a message. Her Twitter handle is:

If you'd like to include a short message in Japanese, you might consider one (or more) of the following phrases:

  • 心よりお悔やみ申し上げます。 (My deepest sympathy.)

  • 心よりご冥福をお祈りいたします。(May she rest in peace.)

  • 渡瀬先生もお母様もお疲れ様でした。(This is really hard to translate in this context but it is something to the affect of 'You both tried your hardest.')

  • ゆっくり休まれて下さい先生の作品をいつまでもお待ちしています。(Please take some time for yourself. I'm always waiting for your latest work.')

Byakko Ibun English Online Scans
Hello genbukaiden!

Definitely was quite a long journey after the entire story of Genbu Kaiden ended too soon, and now here's the good news :D)

To our friends waiting for a new series of Fushigi Yuugi universe, I found the entire first chapter of Byakko Ibun while browsing if there's one. Luckily, my favorite manga browser mangafox got uploaded the entire chapter with its english translation ready for reading! Probably goes for other manga online sites also got the same chapter uploaded as well so feel free to check it out.

Here's the link to Fushigi Yuugi Byakko Ibun on Mangafox:

Any thoughts, questions and topics on the first chapter of FYBI feel free to share with everyone. Enjoy! ;D

[The girl on the illustration of the magazine cover is NOT Suzuno Osugi ---- rather, named as Reipin. Probably this story takes place before Suzuno's --- or in the future chapters]

Manga and Drama CD Clips
Rie Tsukikawa
It's been eight years since I've stumbled upon Genbu Kaiden, my all-time favorite story. After reading the last chapter, I swore never to read the manga again because it is painful to do so.

However, a few days ago, I've started synchronizing the Drama CD clips with their respective manga chapters. Although it's heartbreaking, it makes me happy at the same time. I'm nowhere near a pro but I hope you'll enjoy them.

FY Byakko Ibun
Hello friends, I am not sure if you are aware of this (haven't seen posts on this so I assume none). Or maybe there's a separate Byakko Ibun LJ group?

Long news short: BYAKKO IBUN IS MAKING ITS DEBUT ON FEB 2015!!!!!!!!


EDIT: It seems to be only several chapters long?!!! Not sure you can check the source here:

GK Website
the shit (credit: me)
Hey all! I seem to be returning late to the party, but I'm Discord, the webmistress of a site from 2008 called  After having my domain down for almost two years, I've gotten back into FYGK and website design in general.  If anyone's interested, feel free to check out my newly reopened site, now called The Genbu Kaiden Shrine (

Watase-sensei has visited us!!!
Or at least acknowledged us in her official Twitter:

I´m the original Tweeter (@fuenteovejuna) >

どうもありがとう, Watase-sensei!!

Your Genbu Kaiden history
Each of us has a personal history with Genbu Kaiden that made it part of our lives. I would like to ask some questions to our fellow genbukaiden members. Feel free to participate, if you wish :)

1. How did you first come past Genbu Kaiden? Is there any scene that particulary caught you early on?

2. Is there any character/characters you would like to know more through a side story or through Byakko Kaiden? Or would´ve liked to see more developed through the story?

3. Do you particularly like any of the underlying messages of this manga? Which one(s)?

4. When re-reading, is there any chapter you make sure to reread?

Any answer is welcome!


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