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Byakko Senki Chapter 3 Teaser (Part 3)
clymistra wrote in genbukaiden
Make sure you're read parts 1-2 before clicking the link below to read part 3.


Neiran: That girl…

was the real deal...

SFX: Swish

SFX: Rustle

Soldiers: Could it be…!?


Soldiers: Has the Priestess really appeared!?


Soldiers: We’re glad you’re alright!!


Neiran: …What?

Soldiers: We received orders from the Nasaru himself to come and get you.

That light just now was just like the legend said!

Come! Let’s set out for the capital at once!!


Soldiers: Welcome to our land

Priestess of Byakko!!

Right this way, Priestess!!

SFX: swish

SFX: sparkle

Neiran: I made a decision just now, little girl.


Neiran: Thank you

for coming to  get me...

Soldiers: Of course!!

Neiran: ...That the child they once trod on and cursed with the name Reipin*…

That the monster that they detested…

Will become the Priestess...

*Reipin literally means ‘Beast Child’.


Neiran: The nation shall bow before me.

Seems fitting for someone like me, descended from tigers.

Enjoy your life in your far away world with your beloved parents.

Suzuno: Huh?

Book: The Universe of the Four Gods Translated by Einosuke Okuda

Suzono: Huh...


SFX: creak


Suzno: Where’s...the sand?


Suzuno: ...Neiran?



Where am I?


Suzuno: I don’t recognize

this world…


Person #1: How horrible...everyone’s burned to a crisp.

Person #2: Tokyo is destroyed.

Person #3: This is the first time I’ve seen an earthquake of this magnitude….

Person #4: What do we do now…?

Suzuno: This can’t be


Suzuno: Tokyo!?

This is Tokyo!?

Daddy isn’t here.

Mommy isn’t here.



Sketchy man: Sorry

What’s wrong, little one?

Did your house burn down?

Suzuno: ...Uncle’s hou..isn’t here either

Mi-chan’s house...my teacher’s house...grandma’s house, too...

Sketchy man: I see...I see. How horrible.

Would you like to come with us?


Sketchy man: It’s been 4 days since the earthquake but everything’s still in such a state.

We’ve got some food. If you come with us, you can eat a lot.

Suzuno: You’re...lying…

It’s only been one night

Sketchy man: Whatever you say, kid. Come along!

Suzuno: ...No.

Daddy said liars are bad….


Sketchy man: We’re not liars!

Suzuno: No

Give me...that book back…

Book: Universe of the Four Gods Translated by Einosuke Okuda

Letter: to Osugi



Sketchy man: Shhhhh

Sketchy man #2: If you want your book back…



Man: Wah!

Seiji: Let her go, you kidnappers!!

Suzuno: The book…

Man: What did you just call us!? We have only good intentions…

Author Side Panel: I thought briefly about taking a long-awaited trip to Morocco and doing some research for FYBS during New Year's. Somehow my friend and I settled on going to South Korea instead. It's very different but I'm looking forward to it.


Seiji: I saw her resisting!!

I called the cops so you better beat it!!

Oikawa: Ah! Hey! Seiji!!

Seiji: Doc! Over here!!

SFX: Tch

Suzuno: Give it...


SFX: slump

Seiji: Hey! Are you alright!?

It’s just like you said, Doc.

Child trafficking is becoming rampant due to all the chaos.

Oikawa: Well done, Seiji. You sure were quick.

Seiji: Will you check her over for any injuries, doc? I’m going to check on the kids in the cart.

Oikawa: Are you okay? Are you alone?

Letter: to Osugi

Oikawa: Huh? Osugi...Suzuno-chan…?


Oikawa: You’re Suzuno-chan, right?

Do you...remember me?

I visited your house once.


You live in Setagaya* right? Did you...walk all the way here!?

Osugi: Suzu, this man is a doctor...

*Setagaya is one of the 23 wards that makes up Toyko Metropolis. The ward serves as the boundry between Tokyo and neighboring Kanagawa Prefecture to  the south. Despite Suzuno previously stating that she is from Tokyo, Setagaya did not become a part of Tokyo until 1932.  


SFX: Phew

Suzuno: ...Doc...tor

...Doctor Oikawa…

Get it...back…

Book: Universe of the Four Gods Translated by Einosuke Okuda

...the book…


To be continued in our April issue (on sale 2/28/18) - The Universe of the Four Gods has been stolen!?

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks for commenting! Whatever happens, I think we can all agree that she'll probably be up to no good. Personally, I'm very curious to see how long she can keep up her charade before she gets found out as fraud.

Thanks for sharing this, found this when I remembered there was a new series that started.
Did something happen to the Facebook page? I could access it recently but now it's returning a Not Available, broken link or removed error. :(

I'm actually not in charge of the Facebook page - that is mainly run by our lovely webmaster, Ran. From my understanding the Facebook page is still active but the name & URL has changed. You should be able to access it at: https://www.facebook.com/FushigiYuugiFans/
Thanks for leaving a comment. I hope you enjoyed the chapter!

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