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Byakko Senki Chapter 4 Teaser (Part 4)

Apologies for breaking this into four parts but this was a very dialogue-heavy chapter! Enjoy the final part of chapter 4!



Suzuno: Seiji has feelings for me…

I never thought about him that way.

We were raised as siblings after all.

SFX: knock knock

Oikawa: Suzuno...will you hear me out?

I talked to Seiji just now and he told me about his feelings for you…

He really does want to marry you.

He was just what happened to his leg so he didn’t think his actions  through.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, he’s become diligent and manly as he’s gotten older.

I have no doubt that he will overcome this obstacle with his leg….

He’ll take good care of you.

That’s...the only thing that I know for certain.


Oikawa: Forget about the book.

SFX: tremble

Oikawa: It’s okay to take your time...thinking it over.

You should consider his offer,

If there isn’t anyone else you care for.

Suzuno: ...Doctor…

Even now there’s a girl that you can’t forget...

There’s no one...I love.


Suzuno: But why

did I suddenly think about you…?





Suzuno: I’ll forget everything.

The tiger will devour me.

That’s...the story of the priestess who is sacrificed.

That’s right. That’s why Takiko is dead…


Suzuno: I remember what Dad told me.

Osugi: ‘Suzuno, find your happiness…’

Seiji: Suzuno

I’m serious.

Suzuno: Seiji…*

I’ve thought about it for the past 3 days.

I’m happy that you would wish to marry someone boring like me…

That you could love me so dearly…

Even if your legs fail you, I hope that I can support you.

If I accept his proposal…

I’ll undoubtedly live a happy, carefree life...

SFX: Huh!?

*Throughout the chapter Suzuno has referred to Seiji with a familial term 兄さん (older brother). Here Suzuno switches to to the more neutral honorific ‘-san’ implying that she no longer views him as her brother but as a potential partner.   


Suzuno: Ah…!

Sign: Library

Suzuno: I’m...back in the library…


Book: The Universe of the Four Gods Translated by Einosuke Okuda

Suzuno: No way…!

Why is it here…!?

Side Note: The book has appeared in front of Suzuno again!!

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Ahhhhh! This chapter killed me! Poor Suzuno - terrified that she'll die if she goes back into the book which makes sense as there is no exception to the rule at this point. What could convince her to go back and take up the mantle again, so to speak? And poor Seiji! While I didn't approve of his slapdash marriage proposal I certainly felt bad for the guy. His dreams seem to be crumbling around him...I'm always interested to hear your guys' thoughts on the chapter. Share your thoughts below!
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